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GKM Chilli Powder ( 500 g) Spices

Prime Price : 180 (Inclusive of GST)
MRP:220 (Inclusive of GST)
48 BV

We procure top quality whole spices and grind these pure without intermixing with cheaper variants, hybrids or additives. What you get is unadulterated 100% Pure Spice with a distinctly superior smell, colour and taste

Special Mentions:

No Added Colour

No Added Colour

Key Ingrediants:
  • Chilli Powder
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Chilli Powder:

GKM Red Chilli Powder gives a vibrant red colour to your dish. Red chilli powder is one of the most common Indian masalas as it’s extensively used in all Indian cuisines. GKM Red Chilli Powder is made using Low-Temperature Grinding Technology with the raw material sourced from the best farms. Red chilli powder is an important ingredient for preparing chutneys, curries, gravies and sauces.

A quality product packed with minimum human interference.


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  • Ajit Dodiya

    good taste and no color added.


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