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Irrigate Plant Food (1L) Organic Agricultural

Prime Price : 699 (Inclusive of GST)
MRP:850 (Inclusive of GST)
200 BV

Plant Food is an unique organic manure which is eco friendly product for excellent natural and safe economical agriculture. The main intention behind this product is to lower the cost and maximize the farmer profitability. This is non residue product.

Special Mentions:

No Added Colour

No Added Colour

Useful In:
  • Plant Food is used as foliar spray for all crops. We prepare Plant Food by maintaining high concentrations of micro & macro nutrients, plant hormones which insures healthy development of plan
Key Ingrediants:
  • Contains • High Amount of Enzymes, Amino Acids. • Vitamins and Hormones like Cytokinins. Auxins & Gibberellin Etc. • Along with Micro Nutrients used as Foliar Spray.
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For spray use 3 ml per ltr water.


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