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Mumbai Monsoon Premium Tea ( 75 g) Premium Tea

Prime Price : 192 (Inclusive of GST)
MRP:225 (Inclusive of GST)
38 BV

For a soul-warming, wholesome sip on balmy day.

Special Mentions:

Useful In:
  • Special Occasion Party, Event, Meeting
Key Ingrediants:
  • Tea ( CTC), Ginger ( dried), Green Elaichi, Fennel
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Take a trip to the heart of all things India, with a delectable cup of this tea blend. The choicest of spices including warm cardamom, sharp ginger and exotic fennel seeds are blended to perfection with fresh, strong CTC. With some milk and sugar, this makes the ideal cup of indulgence, whenever the mood suits you.

Add 1 Cup of water to the tea pot and put it on gas stove and lit the stove.

Add 2 tsp of tea from Mumbai Monsoon packet to the tea pot & add sugar as per your preference.

Boil the mixture on medium flame for 4-5 minutes. Add 1.25 cup of milk to the teapot.

Continue boiling till bubbles appear. Stain the tea in the cups and serve hot


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